Fiona McIntosh

Egg, bacon and leek pie

I had the privilege of being given a book called Mix & Bake by its author, the very lovely Belinda Jeffery, who happens to be one of Australia’s finest cooks.  It’s a wonderful book to read, with beautiful photography, and all very honest, down to earth recipes.  Her tips and little aids are fantastic.  Anyway, I wanted to try her picnic pie – an egg, bacon and leek affair, even though it’s cold and wet and windy in Tasmania at present and we ate it around a roaring fire!  It made no difference to how scrumptious it is.  Her recipe worked a treat and her section on scones has got my mouth watering.  I also really appreciate that there’s a selection of coffee cakes….amazing, as I’ve found it hard to find one I like, if I can find one at all!  Anyway, I’m a new fan and here’s my effort on the pie.  Belinda gives the option for using good store bought but I set to and made my own shortcrust using her recipe and it was fab.  I did, however, go all the way and hand rub in the butter the old fashioned way as I do think it gives a crumblier,, ‘more loved’ shortcrust.