Fiona McIntosh

Melting Moments

These are simple and incredibly scrumptious and crumbly…and you probably already have everything you need in your pantry. Perfect with a pot of tea. Fun and easy to make. Enjoy. I’m now roadtesting a chocolate version. Will publish if they work for me.

195g soft butter
65g icing sugar sifted
vanilla extract
qtr cup cornflour
220g plain flour

150g icing sugar firmly packed
50g softened butter
20ml lemon juice or if you prefer flavour with vanilla although the lemon helps to cut through the sweetness
I also used raspberry jam for a little extra tartness for the eating experience on 10 of the biscuits and for the remaining I sandwiched with my mum’s homemade apricot jam but only because it was there. You can fill without any jam and have delicious biscuits.

Oven 150 celsius or 10 degrees cooler for fan forced. Line your baking sheets with baking paper


1. Beat butter, icing sugar and vanilla until creamy and keep beating until smooth.
2. Add cornflour and stir.
3. Add flour and stir until well combined.
(I used my mixer to do these first three steps on a lowish speed)

4. Right. Light hands. Roll into balls around the size of a large marble – I got 40. But if you like your biscuits to be jumbo, go for walnut size. Place onto the lined trays. (If you want, you can pipe with star shape nozzle but why bother with all that mess and extra handling?)

5. Flatten slightly with a floured fork.

Bake for 20 mins, but if you’re using fan forced, change the trays around after about 10 mins and that way you can probably ensure an even bake.

Cool on trays. Then cool completely on a rack.

Make your filling. If you’re using jam as well then put a thin layer of jam on one flat side of your biscuit and on the other half, sandwich with the lemon or vanilla cream. Bring the halves together and marvel at the beautiful sight.

….and then eat! I’d begin telling you how to store them but there’s no point – they’ll be gone in a blink!