Fiona McIntosh

My Veggie Burgers

As promised at Facebook, here is my version of veggie burgers. Someone suggested I add three tablespoons of peanut butter to achieve a lovely nutty flavour. I tried it and it was delicious but you can make that an option.

1 x can of chick peas drained and rinsed
2 zucchinis grated
2 medium carrots grated
2 large pods of garlic minced
2 small eggs or one extra large
2-3 slices wholegrain bread
2 ears of corn cooked with niblets removed
1 medium onion chopped fine
Curry paste of your choice – I used my mum’s but buy your favourite, the richer the better
Fresh mint and parsley chopped – the more the merrier
Lemon zest and juice
Seasoning – salt flakes, freshly ground black pepper

Cup of Yoghurt
Generous tablespoon of Tahini
Sweet chutney or chilli sauce

Fry onion until transparent. Add the carrots and zucchini and fry until they are soft. About five mins. Tip everything into a strong colander and drain, pressing down to remove any juice. Leave to dry while you get on with the rest.
Throw the bread into a food processor and whiz up to fresh breadcrumbs. Add garlic, lemon zest and juice, herbs and blend. Add drained vegetables and blend. Add a can of chickpeas and blend but not to a mash as slightly thicker pieces help to bind. Tip everything into a large bowl and add the curry paste, egg, corn and use your hands to bring everything together. This is optional so use your discretion…I add bran, wheatgerm and/or some sort of fibre. I would happily throw in a fistful of rolled oats. I would throw in some nut meal…anything I have in the pantry that adds texture, flavour and fibre. Season to taste.
With slightly damp hands form into patties. Place on greaseproof paper on a tray and I like to chill these right down. In fact if time permits, freeze them. You’ll thank me for how well they’ll cook later.
To cook, put some sunflower oil or similar in a non-stick fry pan and shallow fry on medium heat from frozen if you wish but make sure you let a crust form. Don’t fiddle or nudge them or you’ll lose that crust! Turn over after about six to seven minutes and fry on the other side. Remember everything is essentially already cooked so you’re browning and heating through as well if frozen.
Drain and serve with super healthy buns with some lettuce/tomato and a hefty dollop of the sauce. Add some chutney.
Alternatively, forgo buns and serve with a salad.
These happily keep frozen or in the fridge for a couple of days.