Fiona McIntosh

Spicy Cheese Nibbles

This recipe has been requested by a couple of you, so I’m happy to publish it here and with the kind permission of Belinda Jeffery….one of Australia’s celebrated professional cooks.
It is taken from ‘The Country Cookbook’ – a fabulous read as much as a wonderful addition to your kitchen shelves.
….and so easy to make too.

Oven – 180 degrees
You’ll need a baking sheet

250g plain flour
250g tasty cheese, grated
250g chilled butter cut into small chunks
teaspoon salt
qtr teaspoon of dried chilli flakes (I used at least half teaspoon)
Nigella seeds (any good health store) or sesame seeds – black or white

Put the flour, salt and chilli flakes into your food processor and blitz.
Add cheese and blend.
Add butter and let the processor run until it forms a ball around the blade.
Lay a sheet of foil on the bench and cover with a sheet of baking paper.
Knead the dough lightly and split into three (that’s my tip anyway)
Shape into a log with roughly the diameter of a 50 cent coin
Roll it up the paper and foil – I did them together but you can do separately if you wish. Twist the foil tightly at the ends to create a bonbon. Repeat for each.
Now you can either freeze for use in a few months or if you want to bake same day then get your log(s) into the fridge and chill it right down so you can easily cut into firm discs of approximately 5mm. I put mine in for one hour. Belinda suggests several.
Put your discs onto the baking sheet and leave a little room for spreading – not much.
Press your nigella seeds onto the top of the discs
Bake until golden – about 15 mins but keep an eye on them from 12 mins
Remove, leave on trays for a minute before transferring with a flat palette knife onto a wire rack to cool completely.
SCRUMPTIOUS! Make them for Christmas drinks!