Fiona McIntosh

‘….and Action!’

Well, it’s homespun everyone but here’s a small film clip that I made yesterday, while the rain pounded Adelaide, to talk to you about the release of The Lavender Keeper. I was sure one of my sons was going to stroll into the background and make faces through the window but somehow I got through it without interruption from anyone but the dog, who was very upset that I’d locked him out! Anyway, I didn’t rehearse this, it’s all said from the heart so forgive the umms, ahhs and pauses. There’s a lot more about the research and material gathering at my blog so if you get a chance have a read. It’s a click away from this website and just below the book cover on the right side of this page. Would love to hear what you think and whether this sort of information is enjoyable to have available.

Anyway, thanks for taking a look at the clip – just click away ….