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‘….and Action!’

Well, it’s homespun everyone but here’s a small film clip that I made yesterday, while the rain pounded Adelaide, to talk to you about the release of The Lavender Keeper. I was sure one of my sons was going to stroll into the background and make faces through the window but somehow I got through it without interruption from anyone but the dog, who was very upset that I’d locked him out! Anyway, I didn’t rehearse this, it’s all said from the heart so forgive the umms, ahhs and pauses. There’s a lot more about the research and material gathering at my blog so if you get a chance have a read. It’s a click away from this website and just below the book cover on the right side of this page. Would love to hear what you think and whether this sort of information is enjoyable to have available.

Anyway, thanks for taking a look at the clip – just click away ….



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  1. Shell March 6, 2012

    I love the candour of it. And I especially love the music!
    Aren’t we lucky to be part of this era we live in. Never easier to feel close to our favourite authors.Thank you Fiona for taking the time to “take” us into your Lavender world before the book is even in our hands! We are so priveleged that you want us to know you and your journey.


  2. Nicola March 6, 2012

    I have to agree with everything Shell has said. I’ve never been so drawn into a book before it’s even been released! I feel as though I’ve been part of its birth. Thank you Fiona for allowing me to share in this wonderful discovery with you.
    Lavender is my daughter’s favourite scent. She is only 12 and has scented drawer liners, lavender bags on coathangers and bowls of pot pourri in her bedroom. I truly think she was born in the wrong period…she’s such an old fashioned little thing. Love her to bits 😀


    • Fiona March 6, 2012

      Hi Nicola…that is so generous of you. I’m thrilled that you found the clip engaging – thank you for letting me know – and I’m hoping you’re reading the blog, which provides all the background to my story and the research that surrounds it. You may be happy to know that the next blog is likely to be dedicated to lavender itself. I’ll write it with your lovely daughter in mind! Thanks again – very happy to read your note. F


  3. robert sessions March 6, 2012

    After seeing that clip Fiona, I can’t imagine anyone not wanting to rush out to buy The Lavender Keeper – it sounds romantic and adventurous, and I know that it is!
    Bob S


  4. cc19 March 7, 2012

    Thanks Fi for sharing this video with us. I love how you use technology (eg. your blog and this video) to keep us in the loop. It’s totally sucking me in haha!!
    PS. You are waaay cooler than my mum, she can’t even turn the tv on haha (but I won’t tell her that!) 🙂


  5. Rachel Walsh March 13, 2012

    Fiona, I really enjoyed this clip, much more interesting and insightful than merely reading a blurb. And as a fellow Francophile (and one who’s attempting to write a first novel set in nineteenth Paris) I’m heading straight on over to read your blog about the research you did (it’ll my guilty pleasure to indulge in while the kids do the homework!) And of course, I will be pre-ordering The Lavender Keeper as fast as I can. Can’t wait to get my hands on it! 🙂


    • Fiona March 13, 2012

      Thank you so much, Rachel, that’s very kind of you to pre-order and certainly ensures local publishers keep buying local authors…so you’re doing yourself a huge favour too 🙂 You’re not attempting to write your novel….you ARE writing your novel. Say that to yourself each day. All the very best with it – it’s a tough, wonderful, uplifting and rewarding journey. Don’t stop until the end. No demons, no whispering doubts. Just do. I have written around children doing homework too – I know all about it and promise you the juggle can be done…it’s a circus but it can certainly be done. I’ll think of you when I head off to Paris next month…gathering for a new novel, or two! All best, and thanks again for your generous note. Always great to hear the positive feedback because one does feel like a complete loony sometimes…writing mad blogs and making movies.


      • Rachel Walsh March 14, 2012

        Ah, thanks so much for your words of inspiration, Fiona! Just what I needed to hear. I’ve printed them out, to remind myself to ignore the self-doubt (oh, so hard!), and that I’m not “attempting” … I’m “doing.” Thank you! 🙂


  6. Tina Patton March 22, 2012

    Hi Fiona, that was wonderful, I can’t wait to read “The Lavender Keeper”.
    When will it be for sale in the U.S.A?
    Lavender was my Grans favorite perfume, we gave her lavender for every Christmas and Birthday.
    Looking forward to seeing you and Ian next month!!!!!


    • Fiona March 22, 2012

      Hi Tina, thanks so much. Not sure when it will hit the US…we have to sell it to an American publisher but fingers crossed it will happen soon. Yes, I think Lavender is in everyone’s childhood with regard to their grannies – certainly of our era. You will love the story. So looking forward to seeing you both again and with Aunty and Uncle. Perfect!


  7. Sharon smith April 25, 2012

    I started the lavender keeper yesterday, today is a public holiday thank goodness I can curl up and devour. This is a page turner . I am enjoying the way you write it flows beautifully and has brought to tears already.
    Cheers, Sharon


    • Fiona April 25, 2012

      Hi Sharon…sorry for the delayed reply…I’m travelling in Europe gearing up for the second volume and a new historical novel, but I was thrilled to read your comment. Thank you so much. Happy reading. F


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