Fiona McIntosh

Autumn is a busy time!

Autumn has arrived and I’ve don’t think I’ve been busier.  The Somerset College Literature Festival was fun but challenging to keep dozens of teenagers awake, let alone interested, in a marquee in sweltering heat and humidity in the afternoon when most were yawning.  Nevertheless, the writers managed to entertain and encourage them to keep reading and I enjoyed myself hugely with great audiences who were quick to laugh and respond.  Thank you all and thanks to the hardworking team at Somerset that knows how to put on a professional event.  It was terrific to see so many different schools involved. As always I was inspired to be in the company of other writers – thank to all for their friendship and companionship during the week.

I’ve been in Sydney for the First Tuesday Book Club – thanks to all in the audience who came along.   It was daunting,  I can’t remember a thing I said but I know I was having fun.  Jennifer Byrne brings huge energy to the show.  I was impressed.

And I’ve been to Canberra…to Parliament House, no less, to discuss the value of the Australian voice and the importance of having a robust Australian publishing industry. That was very interesting – talking to politicians – and I was heartened by how receptive those that we met were.  Hooray!

I’m presently working hard on the edit for the new historical saga – due out next year – and also in the early stages of writing the next fantasy.  Shortly I’ll be editing a new children’s novel…so it’s all go!

And I’ll be leaving next month for Europe, visiting Paris, London, Vienna and Krakow, all in preparation for forthcoming books including a new historical novel, a new adult fantasy and a crime thriller.

The day after my return I’ll be appearing at the Coonawarra Arts Festival at Penola.  Here’s hoping the jet lag is merciful.

My baking adventures continue…more of that in the appropriate section but I’m loving the autumnal changes in the garden as our glory vine morphs into a gorgeous red, olives darken from bright green to their beautiful rich purple, our pears ripen, our lime tree flourishes, the orange tree finally has fat fruit and the roses are waving farewell with a final triumphant display.

I love this time of year, although I’ll admit to winter being my favourite, and it puts me in the mood to write, to cook, to nest…to make great coffee, to eat great chocolate.  Perfect.