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Eiffel TowerIf you’re reading The French Promise in your book club, you may enjoy having these conversation points to prompt your discussion and to get the conversation ranging. Enjoy and thank you so much for reading this novel of mine. F

Book Club Notes for The French Promise

1. Discuss the prologue of the novel. Do you think it was an effective opening to the story? How did it affect you as a reader?

2. Was Max Vogel wrong in defying Lisette’s request and bringing his discovery to the attention of Luc nearly two decades after the end of WWII?

3. Discuss the tragic events at Clifton Beach in Tasmania. What would any mother do in those circumstances?

4. Do you think Luc Bonet is a tragic literary figure or a heroic one?

5. Is every adult character in The French Promise damaged as a result of WWII?

6. Were you pleased to see Luc find love again?

7. Was Luc’s decision to hunt down von Schleigel justified? What would you have done if you were in his shoes?

8. Discuss the ways in which Jane helps Luc and Jenny to heal past wounds. In what ways do they help her do the same in return?

9. Discuss the different promises that are made throughout the novel. How many of them are kept?

10. What do you think might happen to these characters next? Fiona deliberately left the ending of this story open so readers could make up their own minds.



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  1. Sandy Brown August 18, 2017

    I have read The Lavender Keeper and The French Promise – Both of which I really enjoyed and so did our bookclub girls. I thought I read another book after these two which followed on about Luc and lisette daughter in Tasmania??? Was there another book here??? please


    • Fiona February 13, 2018

      No, Sandy, I didn’t turn it into a trilogy although the logical follow on is The Perfumer’s Secret. I just didn’t feel like writing a book set in the 1970s, which the third volume would have been, had I continued the story. So I went back in time to a favourite era and wrote a new story, new cast, but using perfume as the theme, which is where The Lavender Keeper and The French Promise were always headed 🙂


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