Fiona McIntosh


Lavender photoFor all you wonderful book club members who may have read The Lavender Keeper, here are some discussion points to get your book club gathering off to a lively start. Thank you to everyone in your club and do send me a photo of you all with the book and I’ll publish it! Don’t forget names please. 🙂

Book Club Notes for The Lavender Keeper

1. Was it fair to recruit young women, like Lisette Forestier, as spies during the war? Discuss the dislocation, fear and loneliness such women experienced and the courage required.

2. Could you have played Lisette’s role in WWII for king and country?

3. Do you sympathise with the Maquis and the other collaborators in the novel, such as Monsier Fougasse and Madame Marchand? Do you think the author does?

4. Was Luc justified in killing Milicien Landry? Can there ever be justification for playing judge and executioner?

5. Discuss the two main settings of the novel – the Luberon, ‘like a laughing country girl’, and Paris, the ‘chic woman’. Which one appealed to you more?

6. Was Colonel Markus Kilian a hero or a villain?

7. In your opinion, did Lisette choose the right man?

8. Do you think Lisette took her responsibilities one step too far and crossed a moral line?

9. Have you ever met a more evil literary villain than Captain Frederic von Schleigel?

10. Discuss the symbolism of the lavender in this story.