Fiona McIntosh

Festive Redcurrant Jelly

This is a very easy recipe. I used 375g of redcurrant – or 3 small punnets. They’re expensive but this will make you two jars as you can see.

The only other ingredient you need is 375g of sugar. I used caster and I warmed it in the oven for a short while.

Have a fine plastic sieve and some muslin available if you want a jewel-like sparkling jelly. If you’re not too fussed, just go with the sieve.

Into a saucepan with the currants (still on stalks) and on a slow heat cook them. At this stage you can press them with a masher to encourage the juice to be released and to start breaking down the berries for cooking. Cook them for approx 8 mins, until you feel they’re nicely mushed.

Add the sugar and stir carefully until all of it has dissolved.

Turn up the heat and boil your mix for 8 mins without stirring.

Pass through sieve and muslin (if you are using) and into a funnel into sterilised jars. It will set perfectly and it is sweet without being sickly and you’ll feel a nice smug rush when you see those two jars cooling.

Serve within the week with your roast Christmas turkey. Delicious!