Fiona McIntosh

Here’s what they’re saying…

Master and protégé

This was Bryce Courtenay’s Final Masterclass in Canberra and I was privileged to be given time with the participants to ‘fuel the frenzy’ – I pushed them but there was fantastic talent swirling and I simply helped to unleash it.

A firecracker of a teacher as well as thorough and precise and helpful. We loved her!

Colleen from Oahu, Hawaii

I spent years at uni studying writing and being told I was doing it wrong. I feel like I’ve been given the confidence to really push it now and see where I can go. So thank you, Fiona

Laura from Canberra

Fiona, you are not only an inspiration, you are a catalyst

Jessie, QLD

Fiona McIntosh weaves magic with her words and encourages the flame of inspiration to burn brighter. This Masterclass will leave you inflamed with the need to write, and the skills to be able to write well.

Alexa, ACT

Fiona McIntosh inspires writers to achieve their dreams. She has taught me how to master the craft of writing.

– Juliet, Melbourne