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The new format of Fields of Gold has hit bookstores and e-stores with its luscious new cover and I hope you may consider it an ideal gift for Easter (it’s a no-fat present) or perhaps for Mother’s Day coming at us in May.

It’s rather beautiful in this new, smaller, mass market edition and the new cover definitely evokes the atmosphere of India.  More on the book itself in the books section if you care to take a peep.

I’m thrilled to say that the novel has sold into Germany, Russia, Canada and we’re hoping to add to that growing foreign list in coming months.

Thanks to all who have read it in its original format and written to share their stories of Cornwall/ India or their pleasure in the story.

Happy reading all.



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  1. Lisa April 8, 2011

    I have just read Fields of Gold and want to know if there will be a follow up to this book? I really would love to know what happens to Jack, his wife Kanakammal and Iris and their children. I would love to see how the children grow up and whether they seek out and find the truth about their father.


    • fiona April 8, 2011

      Hi Lisa
      I’ve been asked this question many times since the publication of FOG. There were no plans when I finished it to write a sequel although I always felt the story could have continued into the new generation and I suspect that because of how many readers have asked for more I see no reason to disappoint you all! So yes, I believe there will be a follow up book, but not in the immediate future. I have a wonderful new tale for you next year – March 2012 – that’s set in France during WWll, and you’re going to want a sequel to that one too . Anyway, I will return to Cornwall and Jack….and thank you for being so patient.


  2. Garth August 21, 2011

    Hi Fiona ….Me again, I have to agree with lisa, a follow up would be great. In Fields of Gold you developed a fine set of characters, I,m sure this story can be extended. I do understand tho’ that there is considerable work in revising the origional stoy and keeping it accurate with the new ….will be looking out for it ….Cheers, Garth


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