Fiona McIntosh

Supanova Adelaide 2012

Well, what a success. Adelaide turned it on for the Supanova folks and while girls were screaming for Tom Felton and men were melting for gorgeous gals from famous TV shows with banging bods, the writers sat in happy dislocation from the main theatrics and not only enjoyed each other but a very lively stream of readers and costume characters who wandered past us and more often than not, stopped to say hello and share our chocolates.

Thank you to everyone who came to my table to say hello, and especially to everyone who bought a book and gave me the pleasure of signing it for them and to all those wonderfully generous folk who brought me chocolate!

My favourite moment was spotting Chewbacca and chasing him for a photo. I don’t normally let huge hairy creatures manhandle me but Chewy is different, right?