Fiona McIntosh

Thanks, Mount Gambier

I enjoyed a wonderful evening when ninety nine locals and a single travelling Belgian braved the wintry evening to join me at Mount Gambier’s fabulous new library for an evening of conversation, laughter and tall tales. They came with the plan to have fun because the giggling began early and egged me on to throw away my notes and just talk from the heart. We covered everything from mid life crises to who should go through to the finals of Masterchef 2011 and a whole lot in between about books, reading and writing. A fantastic audience that surprised and delighted me with a host of interesting, challenging questions after they finally shut me up on the stage and who then enjoyed a lovely supper laid on by the library. I signed books into the night, thank you to all you generous Mt Gambians for supporting your local retailer, Collins, and especially to those who decided after hearing me that they’d give fantasy a go. I was thrilled to sign so many Fields of Gold and Bye Bye Baby books too – I think we sold out of both! And your library serves fabulous coffee to boot! So I will be back and we’re talking right now about running a workshop/masterclass next year. Watch this space and thanks all in the southeast again for your warm welcome.

p.s. and the lovely Belgian traveller bought The Whisperer.



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  1. Patrica July 12, 2011

    What a fabulous night and a fabulous lady!
    From someone who never reads fantasy I started book 1 of The Valisar trilogy Sunday and have almost finished, I’m going to have to buy book 2 & 3 for my iPad so I can read it all night in the dark and not disturb my husband!
    You knew I’d like it and I love the bad goody!


    • fiona July 12, 2011

      Oh I do love a convert! Thank you Patricia ….you were a fantastic audience I must say. I enjoyed every minute with all of you and could probably have stayed on that stage another hour and chatted. But the fact that you gave Royal Exile a go impresses me enormously. I know it’s tricky to leap into a new genre but you’ve done it and look what you’ve discovered! I’m now hopeful that a whole new landscape of reading has opened up for you. Very exciting for me…very brave of you. Thrilled you enjoyed it and I think volumes two and three will please. And Loethar – sigh – you are going to have fun travelling with him. Happy reading.


  2. Amy July 14, 2011

    I loved meeting and hearing you speak at the Mt Gambier Library it was a fun night my dad and i enjoyed it very much.
    i’ve just finished reading your Fields of Gold book i loved it it took me two days to read i couldn’t put it down.


  3. Julie August 3, 2011

    Hi Fiona
    Your talk at the Library was extremely entertaining and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I purchased Bye Bye Baby on the night and have now fully read it. It was fabulous and I couldn’t put it down! Congratulations on a great story. Will now be sourcing the next one and following Jack intently.
    Thankyou again for your inspiration to an aspiring author and look forward to your next Workshop or Masterclass. Do come back!
    cheers Julie


    • fiona August 3, 2011

      My absolute pleasure, Julie. Thank you so much for coming to the talk and especially for giving Bye Bye Baby a go. Thrilled that you enjoyed it. Oh, I’ll be back and yes for a workshop! Happy reading.


  4. Jean Mercier September 4, 2011

    “the lovely Belgian traveler” is back home, after a wonderful 8 weeks holiday, mainly hitchhiking, in Australia. It is only after returning to the “Mount Gambier old goal” that I saw that your few words written in “The Whisperer” is written in French! Thanks a lot!



    • fiona September 4, 2011

      Bonjour, Jean

      Mon français est limité mais merci beaucoup pour votre note et pour l’achat de mon livre. J’ai beaucoup de livres traduit en français. tous les fantasmes.


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