Fiona McIntosh

The last one

The catalyst that made me commit fully and complete my first attempt at a novel was participating in a summer fiction writing workshop in Hobart with Bryce Courtenay. That was 12 years ago. This week Australia learned the news that Bryce has terminal cancer. And I learned in this same week that he is nevertheless planning a final week long masterclass at the Australian National Library in the third week of September.

I was dumbfounded yet inspired at the same time…and surprised to be asked to be involved with that course. My part will be a brief session but I do feel privileged to be connected with this event and if anyone out there needs a kickstart to their writing and is looking to learn from one of our nation’s greatest ever popular storytellers, then I would suggest you check out the link here.

As usual he limits the class to a small number so he can do one-on-one consultation on your novel manuscript. Maybe I’ll see you there.