Fiona McIntosh

Travelling…post Lavender tour

The Lavender tour was a blooming success I’m pleased to report and I was fortunate to meet so many people who love books…thank you! I’m thrilled that the book has got off to a flying start in its opening month and that’s thanks to the booksellers of Australia for getting so heartily behind it and to wonderful readers who have picked up the book. I’m adding a link in the next day or so for anyone who may want to see the ABC 7.30 Report from Bridestowe Lavender Farm that inspired the story. Take a look down the right panel of this home page for that link.
Right now I’m in Paris but newly arrived from London where I have been busily researching two novels and getting my fill of chocolate on the move. Here’s a pic of me in the gorgeous Hotel Chocolat’s Roast + Conch outlet taking my chocolate/coffee latte and a ridiculously chewy and decadent brownie. I’m busy scribbling out a fabulous chocolate granola recipe that was in a book opened to that page at the table I happened to sit down at. Read the recipe and fell in love with it!