Fiona McIntosh

Want to meet in Melbourne?

Now, Melbournians – my publisher wants to reach you regarding an event for us all to sit down and have a drink together. Sounds rather civilised, eh? If you are based in Melbourne and like the sound of a more social get together, drop me a note via this website with an email address (if you don’t mind sharing it) so we can tell you more. That’s happening April 2/3. Hope you’re around!



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  1. cc19 February 22, 2012

    Yes! I am definitely interested. I may have another friend who would love to come as well! My email address is 🙂


  2. cc19 February 22, 2012

    Also, if you can only do one night, please please make it the 3rd!


  3. Liz D March 3, 2012

    Any news on an event or date yet? Need to book these things in with my family as it is school holidays and my son’s 11th birthday on 3rd April. (Very happy to have drinks with you and leave my beloved in charge of half a dozen boys!)


    • Fiona March 4, 2012

      Yes, Liz, thanks for your enthusiasm. And glad to provide an evening escape! It’s happening on April 2 at around 6pm or just after. Details will be uploaded to the website this week and I know it’s being promoted at the Penguin website now, and you can find out details through Dymocks on Collins Street. Hope to see you there!


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