Fiona McIntosh

What I’m working on

Today is December 9 and I’m happily settled down in Tasmania for the summer. It’s cooler here than in South Australia during the Dec/Jan period and I seem to get a lot more writing done anyway from the peaceful location.

Right now I am busily crafting a new romantic tale that is set in London during the 1920s and absolutely loving the era and the story that is unfolding.

Shortly I will begin proofing the final galleys of the sequel to The Lavender Keeper. This novel has moved from its working title and is called The French Promise. This sequel releases at the end of March 2013 and I’ll be on tour in early April.

Once I get my galleys away I will be returning my efforts to Tapestry. This is the magic realism novel some of you may remember me talking about. It’s quite a switch up for me. Pure historical blended with some fantasy and it’s been fun to take a real event in history, stay close to fact, and then mix in some fantasy fiction. It is set in early 18th century Britain. I’ve finished the first draft and my readers and my editor have come back with their thoughts so now I’m moving onto the structural edit and second draft. …. the hard bit in other words!

So that’s my summer ahead – three novels being juggled in various centuries/decades to keep me on my toes but in all honesty the switch up in era and pace keeps me intrigued and fresh. Enjoying it all.

Hope all of you writers out there are enjoying your stories too and readers, thank you….you’ll have these books next year. Enjoy the festive season and best to you and your families. Fx

p.s. I’m also busy baking. At present I’m obsessed with cake pops. I’ll show the results soon.