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Win tickets to Paris!

It’s out! The French Promise was published today and now you can find out what happened to Luc and Lisette Ravens after the end of WWII. And you can also win a trip to Paris for yourself and a friend, with five nights in the fabulous Hotel Concorde Opera, which is where a lot of the Parisian part of this sequel is set. Very exciting! Hope you enjoy and maybe I’ll see you in the next few weeks while I’m on tour.



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  1. Amber March 20, 2013

    Literally saw this 15 minutes ago, ran down to big w and now the book is in my possession! Made my day:)


  2. Carmen Tudor March 21, 2013

    An anxiously awaited title. I’m so excited THE FRENCH PROMISE is finally here 🙂


  3. Annie Gardiner March 28, 2013

    I am half way through The French Promise. I love it, have shed a few tears so far. I thought the happiness was too good to last!!
    I loved the Lavendar Keeper – have been to Grasse to visit the perfumery – marvellous.
    Please keep these wonderful books coming. Gives us an insight into the atrocities of the war and makes us truly grateful for the people who fought for our liberty. Thank you


    • Fiona March 28, 2013

      I’ve sent you a personal reply, Annie but thank you, I’m so delighted that it has moved you and given you a great read! Don’t forget to enter the competition! F


  4. loredana diplotti April 9, 2013

    I just love your books, am 104th in line at the L’ton library,I just cant wait that long I will have to go to town.The lavender keeper was close to my heart because I was raised in France from 3 years old to when I was 14 and we came to beautiful Tassie,when we have visitors from europe the lavender farm is a must to visit and they love it !


    • Fiona April 9, 2013

      104th in line! Forgive me, Loredana, I did have to smile. Thank you so much for your loyalty and for picking up a copy of The French Promise from elsewhere! Your impatience is hopefully infectious. Thanks for sharing your story – I suspect you are going to love TFP as a result. Hope you do! F


  5. Jenny Kingsford May 9, 2013

    I devoured both The Lavender Keeper and The French Promise with great gusto… I am greedy and want more. I loved them both (cried on a train reading The French Promise- so sad). I know they were great novels because Luc and Lisette have planted themselves in my heart. Thanks, Fiona for the energy and effort you put into creating these beautiful stories.


  6. Bill Gilroy June 14, 2018

    I’ve just discovered your books…you’re an amazing writer and I intend to read every one of them. Fabulous!


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