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Why blog about this novel?

Welcome to my blog about The Lavender Keeper…and thank you for stopping by.  I do hope you enjoy the novel, released on March 26, 2012, as much as I enjoyed crafting it for you.

The Lavender Keeper is a juicy adventure that uses WWll as its dramatic period, Occupied France as its main backdrop but bomb blitzed London, the arid landscape of a sun drenched Provence and Paris under Nazi rule as its romantic but tense settings.

I know readers have questions – from where did you get the idea, to where do you start to put together a story like this that is set overseas and in a theatre of war from seven decades previous?  And how much do you tell of your research, to did you model any of your characters on real people?  These are all good questions that lead to lively conversations for any touring author.  But in these days of easy electronic access it’s fun to reach out to you from my desk.

And so with this in mind I thought readers might find it interesting if I wrote a blog about The Lavender Keeper that sets out to answer some of those popular questions.  I also thought you may appreciate exploring aspects of how I wrote this book, where I found my information and why…and so on.  If you think you might enjoy discovering more…please read on.

Fiona – Adelaide, February 14, 2012



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  1. Susannah Friis February 14, 2012

    Can’t wait to read more! Thank you for doing this 🙂


    • Fiona February 15, 2012

      Pleasure! Enjoying thinking it through.


  2. nigelle-ann Blaser February 15, 2012

    Well done, can’t wait to hear more. A topic very close to my family and will be waiting for it hot off the press as a belated birthday present to myself. The cover is just stunning.



    • Fiona February 16, 2012

      Thanks Nigelle-Ann so much for your support. The Holocaust is part of the fabric of this book but not the main story. I focus more on it in the sequel….


    • Fiona February 26, 2012

      Yes, I think I could now write a more family based story around the one you refer to. I’ve done the background research and have such a strong feeling for the plight of these folk. Thanks for putting it on your birthday list. I know you’ll enjoy it. Fx


      • nigelle-ann blaser February 28, 2012

        LOL wish March would just hurry up I say.


        • Fiona February 29, 2012

          March is here! Just a couple of weeks now….


  3. Teresa Armitage February 23, 2012

    Thanks for sharing this very interesting blog with your fans Fiona. Getting the “behind the scenes” info about how this book was created, how it has grown and is soon to be born has been a real education. I recently made my first ( very short ) visit to Paris and it is truly a magnificent city that I want to visit again. March 26 can not come quick enough.I say “bring on The Lavender Keeper”.


    • Fiona February 26, 2012

      Hi Teresa, thank you so much for your generous comment. It’s cathartic to write the blog but more importantly it’s reminding me of how much effort went into researching and creating it. I’ve covered a lot of miles and read so much, seen so much, spoken to so many. I think it’s easy for me to forget that by the time the novel hits the press and it’s valuable to be reminded that I have given a fair chunk of myself to this book. Paris – sigh – such a gorgeous city. My next blog will be about the Parisian locations for key characters. I really think you must go back!….especially after you’ve read TLK. Thanks for looking forward to it. F


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