Fiona McIntosh

The ABC 7.30 Report

In case you missed this piece, take a look – you’ll meet Robert and Jennifer Ravens who own and manage the beautiful Bridestowe Lavender Farm which inspired the story of The Lavender Keeper.



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  1. Veronica Curness April 23, 2012

    Hi Fiona,
    It was really well worth watching. I really enjoyed it.


  2. cc19 April 26, 2012

    I totally agree! It was really beautiful!

    Also, I am really sorry I didn’t get to meet you in Melbourne. I had finished the book and everything too. I wanted to tell you that it was a fantastic novel! I can’t wait for the sequel!



  3. Veronica Curness April 27, 2012

    Hi my email address seems to still appear on the Leave a Reply site.


  4. Cathy May 25, 2012

    when can I read this book in the United States


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