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Bake with me

Welcome to Bake With Me and thank you for visiting.

So many of you have asked me to share the various recipes I’ve been talking about on social media that it just makes sense to have a blog that you can jump onto and try out if a particular treat takes your fancy.

Baking used to scare me but the years have taught me that every skill worth acquiring takes time and in fact there’s a pleasure in not rushing but giving oneself over to learning and continuing to improve, to master certain tasks and to realise that along the way you’ve obtained wisdom that can be shared.

I don’t consider myself particularly expert at baking but because I’m not frightened by it anymore and I absolutely love the joy it gives me to bake, I approach recipes with confidence and I’m prepared to fiddle around with them and adapt them to my own taste or styling.

None of the recipes I’ll present here will ever be overly fancy, so don’t fear any of them – just have a go. I’ve always been prepared to fail and laugh at the failures while learning from them. Trial and error is the best teacher.

The very best part about baking for me is that I can get lost in it. For someone who leads a busy life, this is the ultimate escape for me when front of mind goes quiet, I can listen to music and my focus is entirely on measuring and mixing. And usually, at the end of my toil around the oven, I am rewarded by something delicious to share with my family.

Have fun.

March 1, 2015
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Winter Fruit Pie

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My Veggie Burgers

September 3, 2013

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October 16, 2011
Coffee Ice Cream to wow!