Fiona McIntosh


The Diamond Hunter – one of Australia’s top reads for 2019


Fiona’s newest adventure is out in stores and across all digital platforms including audio.  There is a buzz of excitement around this story that is wildly different to her previous hit, The Pearl Thief.  In this new novel, readers  follow the life of Clementine Knight from childhood, running urchin-like around the diamond mines of the South African wilderness, to a gentrified life in England.  She leads a privileged life as an adult that is filled with affection from her uncle, who treats her as a beloved daughter, but there is treachery that surfaces as buried memories from infancy are triggered.  Despite her instincts, she must follow the betrayal back to its source and rediscover something far more precious than the diamonds she is hunting.  Set around the great emptiness of the South African Kimberley Mine of 1871 and the urban jungle of London’s crowded Victorian streets, this is a change up in era, fashion, setting, etc, for Fiona’s novels.  However, booksellers who have read advance copies are unanimous that all the hallmarks of her storytelling that the reading audience loves are more than present in what many believe is her best book.

The 2019 touring schedule for November saw the biggest audiences for Fiona’s events.  All who attended were given a gift of a beautiful diamonte clip in appreciation of support and loyalty.


What readers are saying:

Have just finished reading The Diamond Hunter and must admit to not being able to put the book down, just the best read!  Verniece.

I have just finished The Diamond Hunter. Thank you so much Fiona for writing such a wonderful story. I loved every page.  Libby

Loved The Diamond Hunter, how about a sequel…  Colleen

Just loved The Diamond Hunter !!  Jenny

Just finished this book, it was a wonderful read, I found it hard to put down. Gayle

I’m going to buy another for a Secret Santa present. Some lucky lady will get a great read. Lyn

I just finished reading The Diamond Hunter, it was brilliant. I couldn’t put the it down. Another great book, thank you Fiona. Sue

A wonderful story, I couldn’t put it down. Thank you Fiona for another great read. Julie

I just finished The book. Just beautifully writtenLeah

I’ve bought the book 3 times… once on kindle and twice ‘in the flesh’ lol… LOVE this book. Jo

Have just finished The Diamond Hunter. Sign of a good book when you don’t want it to finish. I want to know what happened to everybody. A sequel perhaps? Please? Bev

As I read The Diamond Hunter I am more convinced this story would make a block-buster movie. Dianne

Just finished Diamond Hunter congratulations it is a wonderful story, as has already been suggested a follow-up is needed to know what happens to everyone…loved it. You deserve to be Australia’s top writer.  Helen

I am enjoying the Diamond Hunter soo much! I love your books. Gillian

I’ve just finished this book i could not put it down, a great Xmas present.  Jan

Just finished the Diamond Hunter & absolutely loved it, I didn’t predict the ending… Debbie

I am trying to read slowly because I know I will miss the book when I finish. Diane

Have just finished reading it! I have to say, it’s your best book yet! Love the characters. Wendy