Fiona McIntosh



The new historical novel was released in October 2023 and is set in 1920’s Sydney at a time of great ambition and change for New South Wales. Grace Fairweather mirrors her city’s ambition and desire for change in her life, from being a grocer’s daughter at The Rocks to a confectionery store owner in the more glamorous end of town. Her passion ignites the dreams of a roguish young Londoner, Alfie Sweeting, who stumbles into her life and together with his clever business mind he sees a future for them … except he can’t quite shake off his shady past. When that darker, cunning shadow begins to catch up with him, Alfie unwittingly draws Grace into the dangerous world of Sydney’s brothels and razorgangs.



The fifth novel in the popular Jack Hawksworth series is out now for 2024.

Previous stories include:  Bye Bye Baby, Beautiful Death, Mirror Man and Dead Tide that took the #1 place in Australia’s Top 10 fiction in its opening week.

Foul Play returns Jack to his familiar stomping ground of London where a dark blackmail scam is underway targeting elite sports people. So far everyone pays up to avoid the scandal or the hassle in their high profile lives. That’s until they focus on Premier League superstar footballer, Luca Bruni, an Australian who refuses to capitulate and defies his blackmailers bringing in Scotland Yard’s best.

A television series has been optioned for the Jack Hawksworth books.