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Let’s Get Writing



Big dream….small investment

Let’s Get Writing is a punchy series of modules put together to help you get started on a writing project following demand from people quartered at home, keen to craft stories.

10 modules of 15 minutes each, with access to the materials for 10 days – plenty of time and key information to get you started on your writing journey.

Module 1 – What is commercial fiction and how do you fit into it?
Module 2 – Setting up for success and getting disciplined.
Module 3 – How much do you need to know about your story?
Module 4 – Where should your story begin?
Module 5 – The vital partnership you have with the reader and the importance of plot.
Module 6 – Character is plot…finding those characters and keeping them in motion.
Module 7 – Character development…names, description, body language, dialogue.
Module 8 – Building the world of your story.
Module 9 – Don’t narrate your story…let your reader experience it.
Module 10 – Finishing up and writing a synopsis for your manuscript.


Loved the conversational style! I have truly enjoyed it (both times through) and found much to ponder. I have started writing so will see how I go.  Don’t know if it will be possible, but am really thinking seriously about the Master Class either 2021 or 2022.  Elaine, QLD


You were truly generous with your information and so real with your advice. From your first sentence you conveyed a genuine interest in setting us on the right path for commercial fiction. Your tips were absolutely invaluable and your advice so from the heart and obviously hard worked for. Thank you, you have inspired and encouraged me and I now have a good start to my novel. The wisdom you gave is very transferrable to other parts of life. Thank you once again for your professional series.   Sarah, WA


‘Really enjoyed the course, felt like you were in the room with me, chatting… great delivery, warm and heartfelt. So many light bulb moments for me.

Finally, I understand what you mean by commit & set up your world to succeed… simple really – writing sessions and get the story down in manageable bits – I just never quite got it before. Have made my plan and so far so good. Already, I feel less frustrated – freer to write, if that makes sense?

Also, the image of the Bubble resonated so well with me. And Show don’t tell? So much clearer as well – it’s a hard concept to grasp … everything you covered was helpful and just elevated my determination to keep going to the next level.

I feel clarity and a sense of joy in my writing that I have been hunting for, for a very long time.’ Maddy, SA.


‘I have just finished Let’s Get Writing and just want to tell you how much I enjoyed it.

I found the modules clear and enjoyable, and certainly thought provoking.  I am so hoping I will make it to the Mini Masterclass). I can’t wait to learn more.’  Rhonda, TAS


I’m getting/taking a lot from the course. It’s refreshing me and though I have heard most of it before, I am finding      new gems. Your presentation style is perfect.   Colleen, masterclasser refresher, NSW

A message from Fiona

If you’ve arrived here, you’re curious about pursuing that book you’ve been thinking about writing especially with recent Covid-19 restrictions keeping us more limited in our homes with more time on our hands.  Even with the easing of those restrictions, it’s likely a lot of us will continue to work remotely, no doubt all of us still observing distancing and thus have more ‘selfish space’ in our lives.

Some of you may already know that I host what is arguably the country’s foremost writing masterclass.  We have produced a host of writers who are now successfully producing novels for the major publishers, in Australia and around the globe.  Just in the last eight weeks we have celebrated three new contracts being offered to debut writers from one of the major handful of global publishers in Australia.

However, it is important for me to stress that this course is not my Masterclass.

Let’s Get Writing is a fraction of the cost of The Commercial Fiction Masterclass and the Mini Masterclass, which are physical courses up to five days of intensive work and learning, of one-on-one discussions/critiques, and visiting, high ranking commercial fiction publishers keen to take a measure of the writing talent within the group.

But with the highly affordable option of Let’s Get Writing, you will enjoy the benefit of my 20 years of being a full-time working novelist with a successful track record worldwide and 38 books with major publishers. My aim is to motivate you by leaping you across the landscape of writing commercial fiction from how to set up for success to how to populate your story with engaging characters that people want to read about and spend time with.

There is no homework, there are no exercises, there are no complex screens to focus on, or notes to be taken.  Just you and me for 15 minutes at a time.

Motivation, inspiration, confidence…that’s what Let’s Get Writing aims to help you with.


Will Fiona read my work?
No. She only reads the work of the physical masterclass students.

Will Fiona help me to get published if I do these modules?
No. There will be no correspondence entered into. However, if you wish to attend a physical masterclass, the cost of Let’s Get Writing will be reimbursed into the cost of attending a physical masterclass. And through the physical masterclass, Fiona will help introduce you to the publishing landscape.

Will I get published if I do this course?
That’s entirely up to you and your talent as a storyteller.

Will this course make me a writer of commercial fiction?
This series of 10 x 15-minute modules is designed to motivate and inspire you with your decision to explore writing commercial fiction.

How long do I have to watch the Let’s Get Writing series:
Once you pay and register, you have 10 days from your selected starting date to complete viewing.

When can I get started?
Just choose the date that best suits you.

What if I can’t watch my course in the 10-day window?
Make the time and clear your diary. 10 days is sufficient to watch what is essentially a two-and-a-half-hour view in total.

Can I get a refund if I don’t watch all of the modules?
No. It’s your decision to register and yours to not view all the modules.

How much does Let’s Get Writing cost?
The cost for the series of 10 x 15-minute modules is $390 incl GST.
Anyone wishing to register must pay the whole amount whether they complete the course or only watch a number of the modules.

If you have paid to participate in Let’s Get Writing and decide that you also wish to register and attend the 5-day Commercial Fiction Masterclass with Fiona in Adelaide, or the 3-day Mini Masterclass in the Clare Valley of SA, then the cost of LGW will be re-invested into the fee to attend the physical masterclass.

For more information about the Commercial Fiction Masterclass or the Mini Masterclass, please visit here:

How can I pay for Let’s Get Writing?
Select a Start Date to start your modules and pay by clicking ‘Add to Cart’ button at the top of this page. Follow the prompts.

How does Let’s Get Writing work?
Once you have paid for your course, your registration will be formally acknowledged via email. We will be in touch in the 24 hours before the start date to provide you with your passcode to access your 10 modules.

Please note: viewing of the modules is not supported for internet browsers Safari or Internet Explorer. Modules viewing should be via Google Chrome, Firefox or Microsoft Edge.

The 10 modules are available to you for viewing over 10 days. After the 10 days have elapsed, your login code will lapse.

The series will run every fortnight for as long as required.