Fiona McIntosh



Last year was another big year of travel for book research – everywhere from London to Calcutta on the hunt for my stories.   So this year I’m hoping to slow things down and have more time at home to enjoy the change we’ve made to country life but also to stay fit and healthy.

In January I’ll be returning to England’s north for some scenes in the 2018 novel and while that manuscript is now finished and in edit, I will be giving my research focus to the 2019 novel.  I have already spent some time in Europe for early research on this book but will step it up this year, starting in southern Africa for Feb/Mar and returning to northern Europe later in the year.

The 2018 book tour will be a pared back version of 2017.  I will not be covering as much geography, nor will I be touring for as long…in fact I think it will be a short but intensive tour for 2018.  Details of this will be released around September.