Fiona McIntosh



Last year was a big year of travel for book research – everywhere from Prague to Calcutta on the hunt for my stories.  I found my next one in the foothills of the Himalaya and the tea gardens below Darjeeling.  That novel will be released in October 2017 and will take you from Brighton Beach on England’s south coast to almost the roof of the world in India’s north.

2017 is equally busy. Asia beckoned at the beginning of the year and in April I’ll be headed for Europe on the hunt of the 2019 novel that I suspect is going to take me into Belgium and the Netherlands, as well as Rome.  I’m Guest of Honour for a literary convention in Mons, Belgium that is dedicated to fantasy lovers but I’m also attending the Sydney Writers’ Festival this year in May.

I’ll be presenting some special talks for various fund-raising events across the year but come mid November I’ll be strapping on my touring gear and will look forward to meeting as many of you as I can while criss-crossing states.  It may not be as extensive as 2016 but I am coming armed with a great new story for you and a gift, I hope  :)

Hoping to have a more permanent base in rural South Australia from March. The dream of the crumbly little farmhouse in the country is coming true and while there will be some commuting still, it’s going to feel a lot more like home from this year when we officially claim those keys and stomp in…and I start writing and baking from eight acres in the middle of wine country.