Fiona McIntosh



I kicked off the year in New Zealand and hope to return soon on tour.  It was all about France  during March to gather up information for the 2020 novel and in August I took a rare break, this time in Alaska. During October I shall head back to Britain and Europe to start researching the 2021 novel, which will take me from location in northern England, to in and around Berlin.

I am also travelling to meet one of my new publishers in Eastern Europe. The Lavender Keeper and The Tea Gardens have recently been released in Lithuania so I’m keen to support this publisher’s efforts in delivering some fabulous covers and introducing readers in that region to my storytelling.

I will also be returning to Eastern France, tying up a few loose threads on the 2020 book that is set during WW1.

Finally I will be spending some time on the ground in London specifically gathering material for the new crime novel featuring DCI Jack Hawksworth.

And flying home I will travel via Perth waking up in WA to kick off the 2019 tour.  Jetlag, please fly over me!

Busy times but from mid November I’m at home and still (writing of course!) until it all cranks up again in January 2020 but let’s not get too far ahead.