Fiona McIntosh



I thought last year was a little too busy with travel and had hoped to slow things down for 2018. Despite my best intentions it’s become intense and in May I will be making my third long haul research trip to capture some final research for the 2019 novel.

There is talk (and it remains only talk at this stage in our household) that I might be able to attack the early research for the 2020 novel in August as the stars are aligning to meet the right experts in the right place at the right time.  Sometimes you just have to grab opportunities but I will be happy if we can push it back into 2019 for this fourth long haul that does my ankles no good!

The 2018 book tour will be a pared back version of 2017.  I will not be covering as much geography, nor will I be touring for as long…it will be a short but intensive tour for 2018.  Details of this will be released as soon as we have it locked in.  Thank you for understanding that this is all about staying fit and healthy.